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    What is career coaching?

    Career Clarity

    April 2, 2020

    Are you at a crossroads in your career path? Have you spent countless hours on the job search process, yet still find yourself looking for your next job? Do you lack confidence in the job search? Many individuals experience this dilemma at some point in their life. A career coach is a trained professional skilled in helping people get unstuck in their job search. Hiring a career coach can help you navigate next steps and equip you with tools to land your dream job.

    What can a career coach do for me?

    They can help you get unstuck. A career coach helps individuals move from Point A to Point B. If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall in the job search, know you’re not alone. Career coaches are trained to help individuals evaluate their situation and find solutions to move forward. Through a combination of activities, a career coach helps individuals identity their core values, strengths, and passions, and analyze how these traits can be applied to a career. Many people do not know WHAT they want. A career coach asks questions to help clients reflect on what they are looking for, and then equips them with the tools to find a job on the right path. The job search requires intentional efforts, and hiring a career coach might be your next step to get unstuck.

    They will create a game-plan for success. Now that a client knows WHAT they want, a career coach can help them figure out HOW to get there. Have you ever felt so deep into a job search, you lose focus of where to go and what to do next? A career coach can help with the analysis paralysis. They can assist with tangible next steps, goals, and provide wisdom on new approaches to the job search. Personal branding, networking with the right people, interview coaching, and career counseling are all skill sets that career coaches can provide you in the job search process. Hiring a professional to lead you through strategies and hold you accountable can be a game-changer in the job search.

    They will empower you. A career coach inspires clients by pointing out unique strengths and talents that a client might be blind to. They are your personal cheerleader and motivator. A career coach does not do the work for you – they equip you with the tools to land the right job. Not only do they empower you, but they provide you with feedback. Every step of the job search process is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, what you are doing right, and what you need improvement on. Career coaches provide tools to help you improve your resume, interview skills, personal branding, and boost you with confidence for your job search.

    They can work with you online, in person, or in groups. Many career coaches offer individualized services for more personal and targeted approach to coaching. Many people who are seeking 1:1 guidance and customized coaching take this route. Another route is a group coaching method. The career coach puts together smalls groups of clients and coordinates a regular meeting time for clients to come together. Group coaching is a great way to learn from others and feel supported as you walk through a similar season of life together. This style of coaching helps people feel less alone in the job search, and can inspire success from sparking ideas with one another.

    Is career coaching for you? It might be if…

    The job search is going no where. Career coaching might be for you if you feel like you are submitting your resume into a black hole in the internet and never hearing back. You desire more direction, focus, and intention behind your job search rather than just seeking for another paying job. You want your job to be the RIGHT job, not just A job. Investing in an expert career coach can be pricey, but its an investment into your future. You spend forty hours a week in your job, and its important to feel fulfilled from your work. Investing in a career coach might open doors to new opportunities and lead you to an industry you have never considered.

    You are starting a new chapter of your life. A high school student entering college. A college student graduating and searching for a career. A parent considering work after caring for children at home for years. A professional seeking a new direction after years of working in the same industry. We all face unknown moments in our lives where we need expert advice to identify next steps. Often times, when starting a new life chapter, the job search can feel daunting. The job search process is constantly changing. What’s a LinkedIn profile? How do I create a personal brand? What type of information do I need to succeed? A career coach is an expert in helping others land jobs. They can equip you with extra boost of confidence and clarity, which leads to a more informed decision when you change jobs.

    How much does a career coach cost

    How much does a career coach cost?

    Ok, I’m interested. How much does a career coach cost? What should I look for in a coach?

    Coaching prices vary from coach to coach. Some coaches charge by the hour, monthly, or by package. It’s important to look at a coaches career background. Do they have experience in recruiting or education in Human Resources? An important component of the job search is trusting that your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter will be impressive and help you stand out. A career coach who has experience working with recruiters and stays up to date with job search trends can provide you with accurate feedback on your materials.

    Reading reviews from other clients is also important. Does this career coach specialize in one industry? Do they work with professionals from all career backgrounds? Do they work remote, or meet in-person? Are they local or do they live across the country? Whatever you prefer, it’s important to find a coach that can help you with your specific goals and needs.

    Ultimately, hiring a career coach is an investment in your future. If you are feeling stuck and confused on next steps, the financial investment might be worth it. We spend 40 hours a week (if not more!) on the job, and the goal of a career coach is to help you discern which jobs will be life-giving to your unique skill sets and strengths. Do your research on coaches and determine which next step is right for you.

    What are next steps

    What are next steps?

    Let’s get in touch – I would be honored to help you navigate your new career path! My coaching career evolved from a passion to encourage and teach others during a challenging season of life. I personally have faced challenges in my own career decisions, and know how overwhelming the process can feel. I would be honored to help you identity and achieve your career goals. Please email me at or fill out my “apply for coaching” form, and I’ll be in touch for a free 30 minute phone consultation.

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