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    5 Things To Do When Your Job Search is Radio Silent

    Job Search Tips

    January 21, 2021

    You’ve officially decided it’s time to ramp up your job search efforts. You revamp your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and start applying to jobs. You feel hopeful, excited, and curious about your next career move.

    Until nothing happens. You’ve submitted 50+ applications and haven’t heard back from a single recruiter. Frustration ensues. You feel stuck and start to doubt if a career change will happen after all. So what should you do when things feel radio silent in your job search? Check out these 5 steps to get your phone ringing and the career change ball rolling.


    1. Determine What’s Not Working

    You’ve tweaked your resume 50 times, updated your LinkedIn, and you’ve even connected with a few old colleagues about your job search. So what’s going wrong with your job search? Here are a few common mistakes I see during the job search:

    – Lack of career clarity, apply to any and all jobs possible
    – Struggling to make it past the first round of interviews
    – Lack of confidence when asked about yourself
    – Not utilizing LinkedIn/Networking to it’s full potential
    – Relying 100% on resume for an interview

    Once you determine what’s NOT working, you can take steps to improve your job search method. The right strategy makes ALL the difference on the job search.

    2. Get Clear On What You Want

    Are you ever flustered when someone asks you what you want in a career? I think everyone experiences this feeling at some point throughout life. Clarity on the job search is a game changer. No more feeling overwhelmed by what to type in the job search bar. Goodbye job search confusion.

    So how can you achieve career clarity? Clarity takes effort and time. Sometimes clarity means talking to a professional, like myself, or a trusted mentor in your life. Assess what you value in a job, what your strengths are, and consider taking a career aptitude test to help steer you in the right direction. Last but not least, network! Reach out to professionals (even strangers!) in a field you’re interested in. Ask them to chat for 15 minutes on the phone. During this phone call, be a sponge. Ask as many questions about this person’s profession as possible. The more you can learn about a career, the more clear you’ll be if that job is the right one for you.

    3. Network Some More

    Networking not only can help you get clear on what type of job you want, but it can literally help you LAND a job. Networking opens doors. So how can you network as a job seeker?

    When you see a posted job you are interested in, rather than applying right away, reach out to a recruiter or employee at the company. Ask them to chat on the phone so that you can learn more about the role and the company. This is an opportunity to learn what the company looks for in a candidate, and potentially have your resume passed directly to the hiring manager.

    A word of warning: do not view networking conversations as simply a means to get a job. This posture comes across as pushy and desperate. Treat networking conversations like building friendships. This mindset will make a world of difference.

    4. Research Thriving Companies

    What companies are thriving in your city? Conducting a simple Google search about the top growing companies in your city can help inform you of what companies will likely be hiring in the coming months. Create a list and reach out to someone at each of these companies on LinkedIn. Get to know someone who works there BEFORE the job is posted – then, a few months later, that person will remember you and *poof* your resume is passed to the hiring manager. No more wondering if your resume is even making it past the applicant hiring system.

    5. Create a Job Search Schedule

    When something in your life becomes your EVERYTHING, you’re walking on thin ice when something goes wrong. How much is the job search THE priority in your life? Yes, it should be a priority… but so should taking care of yourself.

    Create a cadence for job searching. Only job search Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or whatever works for you). Outside of job searching, do things that help make you the BEST you. A recruiter will notice a healthy candidate from a desperate one. Exercise, talk with friends, call you grandma, learn how to make sourdough bread… whatever it is, do the things that take your mind off the job search.


    I hope these 5 job search tips help! Hold onto hope, friend. With a proven job search strategy, the RIGHT job will open up at the RIGHT time.

    Interested in working with me to make a career change? Complete an application and I’ll be in touch!

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