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    How to Love a Job You Hate


    July 7, 2021

    Are you currently working a job you don’t love? Maybe you would go so far to say… a job you hate? I’ve been there, and I’d dare to say most people have been there at some point in their careers. While you might be tempted to jump ship and leave your job, that’s not always an option (or the best idea). Read on to find out my tips for someone who needs help enduring a job they hate. 

    Know Your Why 

    Why are you in this job? Maybe it’s your first job out of college and you need experience. Or maybe you need to push through a job to pay off student loans. Maybe you are anticipating going to graduate school soon, and you need some experience under your belt, so you have to grind out this job for a year or two. Knowing your “why” is key! This will help you remember: your current job is not your forever, and if you are intentional, you can make this experience count. This experience can propel you forward in your career. 

    Focus on Takeaways

    Although you might hate your job… your time is not wasted! You can use your time in the job you hate to help propel you forward in your career path. Think for a moment: you are in an interview for your future dream job. The interviewer asks you about your experience in your current role. Would you want to tell them all the reasons you hate your job? Or, would you want to tell them all the great skills you developed in your role? Try finding a few areas you can really focus on in your current job. Maybe you love leading team meetings, designing graphics, answering the phones, collecting data, etc. Whatever it is, having tangible take-aways from a job will make you an attractive job candidate! 

    Find Ways to Be Happy

    When I was in a job I didn’t love, I couldn’t count on work to make me happy. I really had to choose my mindset every day and find small ways to boost my mood. A common habit to practice is counting your blessings. I know it sounds cliche, but taking 2 minutes to think through what you’re thankful for on your drive to work can make a huge difference on your mood for the entire day. Even having a job is something to be grateful for, because many people in our world do not have work accessible to them at all. Other ideas might be: finding a mentor, meeting friends for coffee dates, picking up a hobby, exercising, volunteering, hiking, etc. Find some things in your life that bring you joy and increase your happiness when work is beating you down.

    Curious to learn more about this topic? Check out this podcast episode, where my friend Becca and I talk all about our experience working in jobs we’ve hated. We share practical tips and stories about our own personal experiences.

    If you have been hating your job for 4+ months, it’s time to reevaluate what’s next. I encourage you to check out my free download, “6 Signs Telling You It’s Time to Quit Your Job”. 

    If you are interested in getting career clarity or job search coaching, send me a message! I’d love to chat with you about my programs.

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