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    The Workplace Post Covid – Summer 2021

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    August 13, 2021

    News headlines are talking about how millions of Americans have either lost or quit their jobs due to COVID-19. While this might seem like a shock to readers, it’s not a surprise to me, since I work with professionals who are looking to make a job change on a daily basis. Since March of 2020, our world and workplaces have drastically changed. These changes have impacted each of our lives, workplaces, communities, and so much more. I believe three primary changes are causing Americans to leave their jobs today: the change in industry, companies, and people. Read on to learn more about these specific changes.

    The Industry Has Changed

    COVID-19 hit these industries the hardest: hospitality, entertainment, and the restaurant industry. Millions of people were laid off or had to find other work due to the impact of quarantining and social-distancing. During this time, workers have landed jobs in other industries and are there to stay. Industries that have boomed since the pandemic can be summed up into two industries: healthcare and technology. Any industry with close-proximity demands has taken a hit due to social-distancing guidelines. Industries that can function online have skyrocketed. And professionals are seeming to prefer working at place with a remote option – even as our country opens up again. Why? Professionals have adapted to this new work-from-home norm, and they’re wanting it to stay that way.

    Companies Have Changed

    Another reason people are quitting their jobs right now? The company they worked for changed during OCVID-19. Companies who said they could never operate remotely were in for a rude awakening when the stay-at-home orders were in full effect Spring of 2020. Companies had to quickly adapt to working remotely and moving their companies to run entirely online. This reality of working online has changed the function of jobs for individuals. Some people may have enjoyed their job in-person, but now that it’s all online, they’re looking elsewhere for work. For example, a current client of mine loves sales, but now that her job has been transitioned to working 100% online, she’s realizing the job is no longer a good fit for her personality. Companies have also had to change how they manage employees. Rather than running everything in person, companies are managing employees without even seeing them in the office. This requires an entirely different set of skills and training. Companies have made vast shifts in the way their work functions, and these changes have directly impacted their employees – in both positive and negative ways.

    People Have Changed

    Perhaps the biggest driver in this drastic market change this summer is the people who make up the jobs. After going through a challenging year full of changes, loss, and uncertainty, people are living their lives differently today than they did pre COVID-19. I mentioned this in an interview with Fox59 News, but working professionals who have had a taste of working from home are, for the most part, wanting to continue working from home. They’ve adapted their entire lives to function while working at home, and now as companies are asking workers to come back to the office, it’s no shock that people are desiring flexibility as they re-enter the workforce. I’m learning that the companies who are not willing to work with their employees to provide flexibility are seeing the most resignations. If a company could function with remote employees during COVID, why can’t they offer some flexibility moving forward? 

    The impact of COVID has created long-term changes to the workplace. Companies and professionals who are willing to adapt and accept this change will thrive, and those who wish to retreat back to pre-COVID ways might struggle amidst this new normal.

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