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    The Best Time To Job Search When You Have a Busy Schedule


    September 14, 2021

    We all know job searching takes time – and it’s pretty rare to meet someone who is jazzed to start the process. The job search can feel draining, tedious, and unmotivating at times. And when you’re a busy professional, student, parent, friend, and so on… the job search can feel downright impossible to find time for amidst a busy lifestyle. Which is why it’s important to schedule your job search time during your peak energy zones

    What’s an energy zone you might ask?! It’s a chunk of time during the day when your energy is at its peak, usually lasting between 2-6 hours. During this time, you create your best work. You are in the zone. You are motivated to accomplish the work that you’ve been putting off. AKA a great time to work on the job search you’ve been avoiding. 

    Personally, my energy zone is at its peak in the morning. Between 6-11am, I’m motivated, less distracted, and typically produce the best work. Catch me after 12pm, and I’m reaching for caffeine and sugar to help me finish the work day.

    When do you think your peak energy zone is? When you look back on your week, what hours are you most energized, productive, and motivated? How do you typically spend those hours?

    If you’re in a busy season of life, I get it – utilizing your energy zone might feel impossible. Check out these four chunks of time that you can most-likely carve out during your day (and why you should!)

    1. Early Bird Gets the Worm

    If you’re a morning person like me, my best work happens with a cup of coffee in hand while it’s still dark out. There’s just something energizing about being up before the sun. If you’re in a season of job searching, challenge yourself to get up an hour earlier 1-2 times a week and focus on your job search. Remember: this habit won’t last forever, and you can get back to your early-morning Peloton ride eventually. Small changes make a big impact. 2 hours of job searching a week will take you further than you might think.

    2. Pack a Lunch

    If your peak energy zone is between the hours of 11am-2pm, consider using your hour lunch break to job search. Maybe you’ve gotten into the habit of grabbing lunch with friends, working through lunch, or not even taking a break at all. Start with two days a week and use this time to focus on applying for jobs, networking, and working on your job search materials. Schedule your job search lunch break on your calendar so you keep this as a priority and hold yourself accountable.

    3. Clock-Out Early

    If you have the option to work through your lunch break and leave work an hour earlier, this is a great option for the person who’s peak energy zone levels are between 3-6pm. If your lunch break isn’t an option – consider going into work an hour earlier. Stopping work at 4pm and going to a coffee shop or taco joint close by to focus on your job search could be a great opportunity to make progress in your job search (and you might be able to catch happy hour prices!) 

    4. Burn the Midnight Oil

    Are you one of those people who have their best thoughts and ideas at night? Put your comfy clothes on, light a candle, and spend 1 hour job searching. Think about it: 1 episode on Netflix is typically an hour. Use this time when your energy levels are at their peak to put effort towards your job search. This 1 hour will take you farther than any Netflix show possibly can! 

    Accomplish those tasks you’ve been putting off, like the job search, by reevaluating your energy zones. You can put your best foot forward with your job search by applying for jobs during the hours when you are your best self. Remember: 2 hours a week of job searching amounts to 8 hours per month. The average job search takes around 3-6 months, and it won’t happen on its own! If you’d like a mentor and coach to walk you through your job search season, check out my coaching programs and send me a message. I’d love to meet you! 

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