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     I'm Lauren - a career coach who helps professionals gain clarity in their careers and learn how to land their dream jobs. I love helping my clients move from stuck to thriving in their career paths! 


    Client Success Story: From IT to Marketing Analytics

    Client Success Stories

    January 10, 2022

    I recently reconnected with a client, Michelle, who I began working with at the beginning of 2021. She let me know she landed her dream job last week, and I’m here to tell you how she did it – without submitting an application or interviewing!

    Michelle worked as an analyst for an IT company and after four years, she began wondering what could be next in her career. She enjoyed working for her company, but she was starting to feel bored, restless, and eager for a new challenge. 

    Michelle enrolled in my Career Clarity program, which is designed for professionals seeking clarity in what’s next for their career path. After the first session, we pinpointed something lacking in Michelle’s current job: creativity. Michelle began doing research with her Strong Interest Inventory results (a test I administer to clients to help provide career direction) and discovered Marketing Analytics as a career path she wanted to pursue.

    During our final session, we discussed the importance of networking during the job search. Job boards are an important piece of the job search, but they shouldn’t be relied on 100% to secure a new position. Michelle prioritized networking throughout her job search and ultimately landed a job 6 months later using this method. How?

    Michelle created new connections utilizing LinkedIn and met an entrepreneur who started her own security business. The company wasn’t hiring at the time, but Michelle and the business owner kept in touch over the course of 6 months. Michelle reached out to the owner one time a month to stay on their radar. 6 months later, a job offer landed in Michelle’s inbox that she couldn’t pass up. Cue: happy dancing!

    This job offer allowed Michelle to pivot into a new industry, new role, and level-up in her career. And she didn’t even have to apply or interview for the job (because she had spent the last 6 months casually interviewing, AKA networking!)

    Doesn’t Michelle’s scenario sound too good to be true? This can be your story, too. I’d love to speak with you about my coaching programs and determine which one is the right fit for you! 

    For those of you who have spent weeks, maybe months, networking– I hope this story encourages you to persevere. It only takes ONE right person and ONE right job for a career change. And not just any career move, the RIGHT one. Press on, friend!

    Peace, Love, & Happy Networking,


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