it's time to make some shifts.

let me tell ya how i did it.

my story...

a transformational career and leadership coach.

I'm lauren.

Hey ya!

I've had jobs that gave me the Sunday scaries every week. Jobs where I watched the clock tick all day long, leaving me feeling unmotivated, stuck, and confused about my purpose. Which is why I help women from all over the world ditch their boring, draining jobs and equip them to land jobs that they actually look forward to every day. After working together, my clients feel a whole new level of freedom and confidence in who they are and where they're headed in their careers. Because life's too short to hate your job!

Outside of work you can find me with my nose in a good book, baking sourdough bread (my latest obsession!), or checking out a new restaurant in Indianapolis with my husband, Adam!

It IS possible to look forward to work very day. It IS possible to feel purposeful at work. There ARE companies who want you, and quite frankly - need your gifts, your talents, your passions, and your dreams. Through my education in career coaching and counseling, I've learned how to help people move from stuck to thriving in their careers. Check out my coaching programs to learn more!

and then I realized...

Ever since I was little, I've always had the dream of loving my job and feeling purposeful at work. I just imagined life and my career path would figure itself out on it's own. Until I graduated college feeling completely confused about what to do with my life. My first job out of college was, to put it kindly, not a great fit. I stared at the clock all day long. When I looked around at other professionals, I felt totally behind in my career. I lacked confidence, direction, and longed to look forward to work every day. I struggled with my job search because I didn't know what I wanted and I didn't know how to market my strengths (heck, I didn't even know what my strengths were!)

My Story


Get  to  Know me...

1. fav tv show:

gilmore girls (TEAM JESS!)

2. favorite verse

john 10:14

3. drink order

cafe miel

4. can't live without

dark chocolate!

5. workout 

orange theory!

tell me more!

Get  to  Know me...

6. fav career book

a holy pursuit

7. beach or lake?

boat on the lake, plz!

8. fav musicians

tswift & johnnyswim 

9. early bird or night owl?

morning bird (with coffee!)

10. enneagram type

type 3 wing 2!

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My Timeline

where I've been


Graduated college with a  Communications Degree; Aimlessly applied for ANY JOB


HATED my first job out of college; endured for a year


Began a Master's program in Higher Education & Student Development


Interned at Butler University's Career Center and found my passion


 Graduated from Master's program & started job at Purdue University


Helped hundreds of students land jobs; worked with recruiters to understand hiring needs


Left Purdue to launch Lauren Miller Coaching!


LOVING my job and helping clients crush their goals


through a blind date! Both in our late twenties, we had been praying for a long time to meet our person

my husband and i met


Kenya, Haiti, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, England, Wales, Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, and Colombia! 

i've traveled to 13 countries


I try to read at least 1 book per month, my favorite types of books are historical fiction!

i'm a book worm!


I think cooking is like my creative outlet. My favorite type of food to make is Mexican or Italian! 

i love to cook!


to know about me

Random Things

i'm a smoothie girl!


Your next travel destination?


napa valley


aloha, my next trip is to maui, hawaii!


Your favorite tv show is...

shark tank, hoo ha ha 

gilmore girls

parks & rec

it's tough to choose, but i do love gilmore girls (team jess here!)




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