1:1 career coaching programs

I offer 3 distinct coaching programs to help you move from stuck to thriving in your career path.

Are you stuck in your job search? Unsure of what type of job you even want? Do you need help with BOTH of those scenarios? I'm your girl. I've designed career coaching programs to help you make some moves.

Let's do this.

coaching programs for the professional who is ready to transform their career + life.

Living with your true purpose and gaining a new sense of confidence and direction in life. 

Having someone (me!) give you expert advice, coach you through your career transition, and challenge you to reach your potential. I can't wait to meet you! 

Making money while doing something you LOVE. I coach clients how to increase their base salary and earn what you deserve! 

Being able to look forward to work every day! Say goodbye to the Sunday Scaries every week, and hello to feeling inspired, purposeful, and motivated. 

Just imagine...

This program is for the professional who has NO idea what they want next in their career. You need direction and clarity before you can start the job search! During our coaching calls, we'll go through my 4 step career clarity coaching program that leads to total career transformation. We'll uncover your career motivations, values, strengths, and identify your next career move. My clients leave this program feeling confident and clear on what they want!

career clarity

The Programs

Are you at your wits end with your job search? Through this 4 step program, I'll teach you how to open doors and land your next job. We'll discuss questions like: What really goes on your resume? How should you design your LinkedIn profile? Do cover letters even matter? How can I nail my interview? Should I negotiate my job offer?! No more guessing how to land your next job - I'll teach you how! 

job search 101

Are you thinking to yourself... BOTH programs sound great, I want clarity AND the tools to land my next job!
This program is for you. Over the course of 4 months, you'll reap the benefits of career clarity AND job search coaching. This is for the professional who has no idea what they want and need proven strategies on how to get there. I can't wait to help you make a total career transformation!

the all-inclusive

yes, please!




i need this!

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what if your dream job is right around

Are you ready to make a career change, but feel totally lost on where to start? I'm your girl. Through my coaching programs, you'll move from stuck to thriving in your career. My clients learn more about who they are as a professional, gain confidence in their value, and land jobs they never thought they could have. They are looking forward to work every day and have job search tools that will last a lifetime. Are you ready to dive in?

the corner?

Loving their new jobs and companies

Feeling confident and purposeful

Equipped with life-long job search tools

my clients are:

I want that!

career that you are passionate about.

Life's too short to hate your job.

You deserve to have a

Praise Hands

If you are looking for a career coach that invests in YOU rather than simply your job search, then I would highly recommend Lauren. 

Not only did she make herself available to me outside of our Zoom calls, but she also kept up with me after the program. It was so helpful to be able to run things by someone so knowledgeable and engaging. She also let me use her own network of contacts to get started! I am so proud to say that I invested in myself through Lauren's coaching program. I landed my dream job!

elizabeth H.

"Lauren is a Rockstar at what she does and a rock to lean on as you figure out what you want to do."

And she most importantly guides you to lean on the most steady Rock there is - the Lord - as you process some of the biggest life transitions. She helped me navigate through major life transitions, gave advice on adjusting to a new company, coworkers and company culture, and "sent me out" with confidence and a renewed ability to see my calling. In case you couldn't tell - I HIGHLY recommend rocking and rolling your way over to work with Lauren.

natalie s.

From IT to Marketing Analytics

Lauren is an excellent career coach! Not only did I learn more about myself and my own strengths, but what types of roles align best with my personality and skills. I've been able to effectively research, network and navigate my ever-growing career field! I would not be as confident or prepared for my current and future roles without Lauren's guidance. 

michelle m.

"Working with Lauren helped me learn and explore the direction I needed to take to land my next big career move." 

Lauren makes you reflect on your life situation and goals and relate it to your career aspirations. Lauren is patient, kind, and encouraging throughout her entire coaching program. The work you put in to her program is worth it for the growth you’ll receive during your time working with her and after as well.

fritzi p.

"Lauren helped me find my top strengths and helped bring my confidence back to sell my skills."

I'm so glad I made the investment in a career coach and started working with Lauren. I wanted more than just a job, I wanted direction in my career and to learn why I kept burning out in every job. I found just that and more through Lauren’s structured coaching, and her God focused mentorship. Lauren helped me interview in a way that gave the hiring manager a clear picture of my strengths, and for me to get a clear picture of the position. I am currently working my dream job thanks to Lauren's help!

jillian r.

"As a recent college graduate, I spent the last 4 months going through the job search."

 Lauren was with me every step of the way - from structuring my resume, to proofreading my cover letters, to helping me process through the tough interview questions. She even helped me navigate 4 job offers, including the ever-dreaded salary negotiation! Through all of it, Lauren has been an amazing cheerleader, loyal confidant, and trusted expert. I cannot recommend her enough! Her program is worth every penny!

Grace s.


This is for you if...

let me tell ya about the peeps I serve!

You're a college graduate who feels stuck, confused, and honestly a bit lonely. It seems like everyone else has their careers figured out! 

You are motivated and committed to make a career change

You feel behind in your career, and you're ready to take steps towards landing a job that lights you up

You are eager to find a job that feels purposeful and aligned with your strengths, passions, and talents 

You are committed to working alongside a career coach who will challenge you to reach your fullest potential 

You are ready to make life-changing moves and take control of your career path

Let's dive in.

I'm your girl!


"I walked into working with Lauren feeling totally lost in my career and can say with full confidence I walked out with a clear vision of where I am headed. All the exercises throughout the program were very well thought out and lead to great conversation with Lauren and breakthroughs within myself."


"Lauren was extremely helpful and easy to work with. Before working with Lauren I would get stressed out when the subject of college and choosing a major or career came up. After working with her I feel like I have a good idea about what I want to do and it has alleviated some of the stress."


"Lauren helped my daughter pinpoint which career path to pursue after high school and aligned college options based on her results. My daughter is more confident and excited about her future career plans than ever before. Thanks Lauren!"


Lauren was such a help to me in a time where I was feeling so lost on where I wanted to go with my career. She was very personal and flexible with my situation. I am thankful for her willingness to continue to help me even after our time together was through. I appreciate our time together and will take what she has taught me going forward in my job search.


Lauren really helped me out when I was feeling lost on where to start my search for my career. She really focused in on me and my needs and we had such a blast working together, she’s just the sweetest. I now have a strong starting point on my journey and I would recommend Lauren to anyone!


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I've had jobs that gave me the Sunday scaries every week. Jobs where I watched the clock tick all day long, leaving me feeling unmotivated, stuck, and confused about my purpose. I've felt frustrated by the job search, wondering what I was doing wrong and why I wasn't getting job offers. I've felt confused about WHAT to actually chase after in my career. Does this sound like you?

All of these reasons are WHY I love helping students and professionals from all over the world ditch their boring, draining jobs and equip them to land jobs that they actually look forward to every day. After working together, my clients feel a whole new level of freedom and confidence in who they are and where they're headed in their careers. Because life is too short to hate your job.

a transformational CAREER and leadership coach.