Coaching Services

Gain career clarity and move forward with confidence.

Are you feeling confused about WHAT you want in a job? Tired of applying for jobs and seeing NO results?
Real talk - the job search process can be lonely, frustrating, and can tear you down. Please know you are not alone - I've been there and so have hundreds of my clients. I'd love to help you make a career transformation and gain your confidence back. Check out the packages below to see which one is the best fit for you!
Career Clarity Coaching

Feeling stuck with where to go in your career? Before going anywhere, the first step is to look inward. Through this coaching program, you'll learn:

  • Your career values (AKA your job search compass)
  • Strengths + Alignment with your career
  • Discern what type of career to seek based on your interests, passions, and the current job market
  • Life Planning - Learn how to answer the dreaded question "Where do you want to be in 5 years?!"
  • Investment: $700

My goal through this program is to help you define WHAT you want and WHERE to go next in your career. This program truly produces career clarity transformation, and I'd love to help you uncover what's next in your career journey!

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Job Search Coaching

These days, the job search requires so much more than a resume. Through this coaching program, you'll learn:

  • Create a job search strategy and cadence for job applications
  • Learn how to brand yourself
  • LinkedIn, Resume, and Cover Letter makeovers
  • Interview prep
  • Negotiate with confidence
  • Learn how to spot red flags in an employer
  • Investment: $800


If you're someone who KNOWS what you want but need the tools to make that dream happen, this package is for you!

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Career Pivot Bundle

If you're looking for both career clarity and job search tools - look no further! Let's get you from stuck to thriving. Through this coaching program, you'll reap the benefits of both coaching programs at a bundle rate of $1400.


Breanna O

Having worked at Lululemon for 3 years, I was terrified how I was going to spruce up my resume to apply for a job in a corporate setting. Lauren not only prayed over me during the transition, but she also gave me the tools needed to succeed. I now have a position as an Executive Assistant. Lauren's tender, loving spirit easily draws you in; which makes it easy to trust her with the words being placed on your resume.

Janna B

Lauren was awesome to work with. She asked thought provoking questions and listened with intent. I feel encouraged by her insights and look forward to seeing what happens next on my career journey!

Ross H

With care and compassion, Lauren helped me to craft a rock-solid resume and cover letter to help me effectively communicate my transferable skills so I could land a job in a new industry.

Chelsea L

Lauren is one of the most empathetic individuals I know. Her ability to empower individuals as she guides them on their career journey makes her a trusted friend and life-long mentor.

Rebecca T

Lauren asked questions that got to the heart of my purpose and calling, and walked alongside me through the vulnerable season of putting myself out there in search for my ideal career.

Bryan W.

AMAZING! Lauren takes the times to get to know you and offer you services catered to you and your desires. She does a great job encouraging you while also being honest with suggestions that only come from an expert. She has a talent that anyone looking to improve their networking, interviewing skills, and over all professionalism will be quite pleased with.

Gracen S

As a recent college graduate, I spent the last 4 months going through the job search. Lauren was with me every step of the way - from structuring my resume, to proofreading my cover letters, to helping me process through the tough interview questions. She even helped me navigate 4 job offers, including the ever-dreaded salary negotiation! Through all of it, Lauren has been an amazing cheerleader, loyal confidant, and trusted expert. I cannot recommend her enough! Her business is worth every penny, and you'd be silly not to work with her.

Kenzie M

Lauren was a pleasure to work with. She was very responsive and eager to help! I wanted to update and revamp my resume for future opportunities. She gave me tools to use and knowledgeable advice on current trends to help keep my resume up to date. I will reach out to Lauren again when I need any career advice!

Delaney G

Lauren was both helpful and encouraging in the job search process. She shared how to maximize my LinkedIn and networking advice. She also reviewed my resume for me. It is evident that Lauren is very knowledgable in what she does. She specifically helped me to navigate the job market during COVID-19. She is well informed on strategies to aid in the job search during this time. Lauren is very personable and a delight to work with.

Sullivan F

Lauren has been blessed with an amazing ability to address career concerns with the right balance of candor and care. I was looking to have my resume completely re-crafted, and Lauren did a fantastic job re-tooling it, designing it to target a specific job I was applying for, and assisting me in writing the related cover letter. Lauren gave space for me to talk through my career ambitions and offered her advice on how to best present myself to reach my goals. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking to receive top-notch career coaching!

Calvin R

Lauren recently helped me revamp my resume, and I am very pleased with the final product! The best part about working with Lauren was that it didn’t feel transactional at all- she took the time to get to know me and my experiences, which translated into a great resume. Lauren’s extensive experience in professional development shows through in the quality of her work. I would highly recommend her!