Job Uncertainty

Have you ever been down that long path of job uncertainty?  Trying to define who you are and what you want.  Unhappy in your current career role, but unable to find the new path to allow you a detour to find yourself.  Are you stuck in a routine that is stealing your happiness?  Joy is most at risk in the routine when you just keep going down the path that is leading you nowhere.  Here are 3 ways to figure out how to step off your current path of job uncertainty and discover the way to another path that will bring you job fulfillment.


Know Who You are

You may say that's easier said than done, but the first step in getting off the path of job uncertainty is to know who you are.  You know your background and you have the insight into your personality.  But, maybe you don't know why you can't put your finger on the happy button.  As hard as you try to discover what you really want, you just go around and around on the merry-go-round of life.


This is where a Career Coach can be very beneficial.  There are several tests that strategically identify "who you are" by assessing what your interests are and your likes and dislikes.  It can be very eye-opening to discover what you thought you were was totally opposite.  You may have an inclination but you never really understood it.  These tests can help you discover the happy button in your life and assist you in a new career discovery that you may have never thought of.

Once you have identified your style through a test you may have a whole new outlook on what makes you happy.  You may discover hidden traits or skills you didn't realize you have.  It's important to take the time for discovery in order to get clarity about why you were on the wrong path in the first place.  Of course, many times people are forced down the wrong path for financial reasons, or for heritage sake, but once you have realized it's not giving you the fulfillment you need, then it's time to find yourself.

Discover What You are doing Here

It's your life purpose to understand why you are where you are.  If you are traveling down an uncertain job path that is making you miserable, then it's time to discover the why.  What is your purpose in the current job you hold?  Where is your job taking you and why are you where you are?

Career Coaches are trained to assist people in the discovery phase of understanding their purpose.  Job purpose isn't all about the tasks on hand.  It's about the fulfillment and inner satisfaction that pours over into your daily life.  Knowing the path of how you got where you are is important to analyze.  It may reveal to you the mountain of obstacles that are in the way and pulling you down.

Taking the time to talk about the purpose and reason you are where you are in your career is important in order to plan and alter the course of your direction.  When you genuinely know and understand your purpose the course of your life becomes focused.  Through focus, you are able to determine the right job path which brings contentment and satisfaction.  It allows your mind to be free of the discourse of job uncertainty.  In fact, it can allow you to feel a level of satisfaction deep in your soul.

Where You are Headed

If you have ever hiked then you know the importance of having a map or some kind of trail guide.  Nothing worse than being out in the wilderness on a trail leading to an unknown destination.  Can you imagine doing the Appalachian Trail without thorough planning and a detailed map?  Of course, it would be easy to start, but the navigation gets challenging when the elements of nature set in, like the darkness of night, and the sub-zero temperatures.  That's how it is when it comes to the trail of job uncertainty.  Maybe at one point on the trail, you were satisfied and felt like you were heading in the right direction.  But the elements of life interfere and the next thing you know you are aimlessly walking a trail that doesn't seem to end.

Working with a Career Coach helps you to navigate your career path.  They will help you configure your plan and then work the plan. Identifying where you are going puts the compass in place to get on the right career path.  Carefully mapping out the steps on your career journey is one of the only ways to make a change.  Sometimes this is exactly what immobilizes people to change.  They don't have a plan in place and they ride that merry-go-round every day without getting off.

Lauren Carter Miller Career Coaching

If you are interested in taking the next steps to identify and discover a new career path, contact a Career Coach today.  It's the first step in getting off the merry-go-round of job uncertainty.  It's also one of the most important steps in helping you to discover the 3 ways to get you where you are going.  Lauren Carter Miller is a Career Coach assisting women to navigate the career path for fulfillment.  Through intense training, she has gained the knowledge and skills to assist others in the Career Path Journey.  She can completely identify with people headed down the path of job uncertainty because she herself has been there.  She knows how important it is to have the proper tools and planning in place.  It will lead to the best job satisfaction outcome.