Hey, I'm Lauren

I believe planning your future doesn't have to be a drag.

I've been there - feeling overwhelmed and stuck in my own career path. That's why I love helping professionals move from stuck to thriving in their careers. 

A potential client recently asked me "Lauren, what sets you apart from other career coaches?" I loved this question. The first thought that came to mind was care - I deeply care for my clients and consider it an honor to walk alongside them in their career change. I know this is a time and financial investment, so I promise to go above and beyond for my clients. Last but not least, I'm a career coach who produces results - professionally and personally. 

Before I started my coaching business, I worked for Purdue University where I coached students/alumni, and helped recruiters with their hiring needs. I've worked with individuals from all backgrounds and in various seasons of life.

I'm here to meet you wherever you are on your career path. I have a passion for helping individuals thrive in their strengths and believe everyone should feel purposeful in their careers. After all, if we're spending 40 hours a week at work, shouldn't we find joy in what we do? I think so. 

LC Headshot
  • Favorite books

    • Every Good Endeavor - Tim Keller
    • You Are the Girl for the Job - Jess Connolly
    • A Holy Pursuit - Dianne Jago
  • Words to live by

    • Deuteronomy 31:8
  • Favorite quote

    • "Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt
  • Coffee order

    • Cafe Miel
  • Outside of work, you'll find me...

    • Kayaking at the lake
    • Cooking a meal (I love cooking!)
    • Fangirling about all things T-Swift 

Client Testimonials

Bryan W.

AMAZING! Lauren takes the times to get to know you and offer you services catered to you and your desires. She does a great job encouraging you while also being honest with suggestions that only come from an expert. She has a talent that anyone looking to improve their networking, interviewing skills, and over all professionalism will be quite pleased with.

Elizabeth H
Recent College Grad & Event Planning Professional

If you are looking for a career coach that invests in YOU rather than simply your job search, then I would highly recommend Lauren. Not only did she make herself available to me outside of our Zoom calls, but she also kept up with me after the program. It was so helpful to be able to run things by someone so knowledgeable and engaging. She also let me use her own network of contacts to get started! At the end of this quarantine, employers are going to be understanding about employment gaps. BUT, they are going to want to know what you did to improve yourself during that time. I am so proud to say that I invested in myself through Lauren's Coaching Program.

Ross H

With care and compassion, Lauren helped me to craft a rock-solid resume and cover letter to help me effectively communicate my transferable skills so I could land a job in a new industry.

Chelsea L

Lauren is one of the most empathetic individuals I know. Her ability to empower individuals as she guides them on their career journey makes her a trusted friend and life-long mentor.

Rebecca T

Lauren asked questions that got to the heart of my purpose and calling, and walked alongside me through the vulnerable season of putting myself out there in search for my ideal career.