Meet Lauren

Hey, I’m Lauren!

I believe planning your future doesn’t have to be a drag.

I’ve been there – feeling overwhelmed and stuck in my own career path. That’s why I love helping professionals move from stuck to thriving in their careers. 

A potential client recently asked me “Lauren, what sets you apart from other career coaches?” I loved this question. The first thought that came to mind was care – I deeply care for my clients and consider it an honor to walk alongside them in their career change. I know this is a time and financial investment, so I promise to go above and beyond for my clients. Last but not least, I’m a career coach who produces results – professionally and personally. 

Before I started my coaching business, I worked for Purdue University where I coached students/alumni, and helped recruiters with their hiring needs. I’ve worked with individuals from all backgrounds and in various seasons of life.

I’m here to meet you wherever you are on your career path. I have a passion for helping individuals thrive in their strengths and believe everyone should feel purposeful in their careers. After all, if we’re spending 40 hours a week at work, shouldn’t we find joy in what we do? I think so. 

LC Headshot
  • Favorite books

    • Every Good Endeavor – Tim Keller
    • You Are the Girl for the Job – Jess Connolly
    • A Holy Pursuit – Dianne Jago
  • Words to live by

    • Deuteronomy 31:8
  • Favorite quote

    • “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt
  • Coffee order

    • Cafe Miel
  • Outside of work, you’ll find me…

    • Kayaking at the lake
    • Cooking a meal (I love cooking!)
    • Fangirling about all things T-Swift 

Client Testimonials

080620_0013 Natalie Marketing Professional

Lauren is a Rockstar at what she does, a rock to lean on as you figure out what you want to do, and most importantly guides you to lean on the most steady Rock there is – the Lord – as you process some of the biggest life transitions. Lauren and I connected in early November of 2020, months after I had been laid-off from my job. To be honest, I wasted too much time in not working with Lauren as I struggled to take the plunge. Let me tell you – it was SO worth it. I was blessed to be able to land a job just before Lauren and I started our coaching sessions but totally bummed because I didn’t know what we would talk about. Lauren took this opportunity to grow herself as a coach and grow me as a woman in a new career. She helped me navigate through major life transitions, gave advice on adjusting to a new company, coworkers and company culture, and “sent me out” with confidence and a renewed ability to see my calling. In case you couldn’t tell – I HIGHLY recommend rocking and rolling your way over to work with Lauren.

CAREER COACH INDY Chelsea Fashion Industry Professional

Lauren is one of the most empathetic individuals I know. Her ability to empower individuals as she guides them on their career journey makes her a trusted friend and life-long mentor.

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