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I've created a handful of FREE resources for your job search! Additionally, I've linked a few of my favorite job search tools below, and a few curated lists for you to check out (think: music, book lists, and my must-have items!) Check out these resources to give your job search an extra boost. 

career clarity guide

Do you feel totally stuck in your career path?! I've been there. Check out my free career clarity guide to learn more about your strengths, interests, motivation, and future career possibilities!

6 signs telling you it's time to quit your job

Are you unhappy at work and wonder when and if you should leave your job?! Check out my guide with 6 signs you know it's time to leave your job.

5 job search tips for a career pivot

 Are you making a career change into a brand new industry? Check out my guide with 5 steps to make this pivot happen!

Free Downloads

more things to help you rock the job search

Practice your interview skills with this virtual mock interview platform! Choose from hundreds of careers for a top-notch mock interview. 

interview prep

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Did you know 90% of companies use Job Applicant Tracking Systems? Job Scan's technology analyzes your resume vs. the job description to boost your chances of landing an interview.


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LinkedIn learning is an incredible tool for those looking to learn a new skill, develop leadership skills, and so much more. They even have a free trial!

linkedin learning

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