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Sometimes high schoolers need an extra boost of direction when it comes to their future career plans. I love helping high schoolers determine their strengths, interests, and values for their future careers! Together, we'll pinpoint specific majors and programs to pursue. Complete my contact form and I'll reach out to tell you all about my programs!

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linkedin & resume reviews

Do you know what you want in your next career, but need expert help updating your job search materials? I offer custom resume reviews, cover letter creation, and LinkedIn reviews. These materials can be a game changer for your job search, and sometimes handing these tasks off to an expert is just what you need to open doors to your next dream job. Follow the link below and complete the application. We'll schedule a call and I'll send you a customized quote based on your needs!


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Praise Hands

If you are looking for a career coach that invests in YOU rather than simply your job search, then I would highly recommend Lauren. 

Not only did she make herself available to me outside of our Zoom calls, but she also kept up with me after the program. It was so helpful to be able to run things by someone so knowledgeable and engaging. She also let me use her own network of contacts to get started! I am so proud to say that I invested in myself through Lauren's coaching program. I landed my dream job!

elizabeth H.

"Lauren is a Rockstar at what she does and a rock to lean on as you figure out what you want to do."

And she most importantly guides you to lean on the most steady Rock there is - the Lord - as you process some of the biggest life transitions. She helped me navigate through major life transitions, gave advice on adjusting to a new company, coworkers and company culture, and "sent me out" with confidence and a renewed ability to see my calling. In case you couldn't tell - I HIGHLY recommend rocking and rolling your way over to work with Lauren.

natalie s.

From IT to Marketing Analytics

Lauren is an excellent career coach! Not only did I learn more about myself and my own strengths, but what types of roles align best with my personality and skills. I've been able to effectively research, network and navigate my ever-growing career field! I would not be as confident or prepared for my current and future roles without Lauren's guidance. 

michelle m.

"Working with Lauren helped me learn and explore the direction I needed to take to land my next big career move." 

Lauren makes you reflect on your life situation and goals and relate it to your career aspirations. Lauren is patient, kind, and encouraging throughout her entire coaching program. The work you put in to her program is worth it for the growth you’ll receive during your time working with her and after as well.

fritzi p.

"Lauren helped me find my top strengths and helped bring my confidence back to sell my skills."

I'm so glad I made the investment in a career coach and started working with Lauren. I wanted more than just a job, I wanted direction in my career and to learn why I kept burning out in every job. I found just that and more through Lauren’s structured coaching, and her God focused mentorship. Lauren helped me interview in a way that gave the hiring manager a clear picture of my strengths, and for me to get a clear picture of the position. I am currently working my dream job thanks to Lauren's help!

jillian r.

"As a recent college graduate, I spent the last 4 months going through the job search."

 Lauren was with me every step of the way - from structuring my resume, to proofreading my cover letters, to helping me process through the tough interview questions. She even helped me navigate 4 job offers, including the ever-dreaded salary negotiation! Through all of it, Lauren has been an amazing cheerleader, loyal confidant, and trusted expert. I cannot recommend her enough! Her program is worth every penny!

Grace s.