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Let’s be honest. We’ve all received the rejection email that goes something like this:

“Dear ____,

We’re sorry to inform you that we’ve chosen to move forward with other candidates at this time. Be sure to check back for future opportunities!


HR Manager”


Receiving multiple rejection emails can lead to a complex mixture of feelings: frustration, failure, disappointment, and uncertainty of where to go next. Rejection can spark questions like:


“Am I even applying for the right jobs?”

“Why am I not getting a call back on any applications?”

“How can I stand out from the crowd?”

“I don’t even know what I want to do anymore!”



Typically rejection leads to 3 actions:

  1. Pulling your hair out.
  2. Recklessly applying for ANY job. Submitting 20+ applications a week with 0 game plan.
  3. Ditching the job search entirely and giving up, only to find yourself back on the job search 2 weeks later.


As a career coach, the majority of my clients express feeling stuck, frustrated, and lacking confidence in what they have to offer a company. 

Can you relate? Allow me to coach you through the 4 steps to take next!

1. Get Clear on What You Want

If you’re asking the question “am I applying for the right jobs?” or saying something like “man, I don’t even know what job titles to type in the search bar.” You are in a DISCOVERY stage. You need to get clear on what you’re good at and what you want. This is where working with a career coach can be really helpful to point you in the right direction and give you an extra boost of confidence (check out my career clarity program!

Aimlessly applying for jobs will not work, and if it does - will likely lead you to a job you aren’t happy with because you didn’t truly know why you applied in the first place! Reflect on your strengths, hone in on your values, and get really clear on what your ideal workday looks like. 

2. Stand Out

Another common frustration: “Why am I not getting a call back on any applications?” If you aren’t getting a call back from your applications, let me ask you this: How are you standing out from the crowd? Not only should you submit a cover letter and resume, but you need to network your buns off to get your foot in the door. If you’re doing those 3 things and still not gaining traction - do something above and beyond to stand out. Applying for a marketing position? Research the company’s marketing tactics and create your own campaign to send to the Marketing Director. Applying for a consulting role? Join a case study competition and send the results to a future employer. Think outside of the box. Ask yourself: what would wow this employer? 

3. Create a Job Search Schedule

My third piece of advice: create a job search schedule. Only apply for jobs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Take the other days off, and invest your time in hobbies, volunteering, and doing the things that bring joy to your life. Hobbies create space to get your mind of the job search and invest in something you enjoy. This leads to a healthier you, and therefore, a healthy job applicant. The interviewer will see the difference. I encourage you to try something new - there is a special confidence that grows from building a new skill, seeing progress, and getting outside of your comfort zone.

4. Keep Perspective at Bay

Last (but not least) piece of advice: Hold onto hope, even when it hurts. Rejections on the job search have NOTHING to do with your self-worth. You truly never know what is going on behind the scenes of a hiring process. Legally, most companies are required to post job positions, even if they’re hiring from within their company, or even if they have a candidate in mind before the role is posted. I promise you the right job will come about at the right time. You might consider keeping a close friend in the loop of your job search to encourage you and cheer you on when you’re feeling down. Stay persistent, use strategy, and remember the value you have to offer a company.

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